About Free Tattoo Ideas

Free Tattoo Ideas is a tattoo website set up and run by tattoo enthusiasts. We have a passion for tattoos, and wanted to share this with the world.

The reason for running this website is simple; there are many, many websites out there with pictures of other people’s tattoos, i.e tattoos on people’s skin. Although this could give you inspiration, it is not very useful in the process of getting your new tattoo.

At Free Tattoo Ideas we do things differently. We offer tattoo flash art like the kind you find in tattoo shops. This give you the opportunity to not only find inspiration for your new tattoo, but to actually print your tattoo idea of choice ant take it to your tattoo artist. Your chosen tattoo artist can then either stencil the tattoo from your print, modify it or build upon it to give you exactly the tattoo you want.

We believe this should be free, so we never charge for any of the designs you’ll find on our site.

We hope you find your dream tattoo at Free Tattoo Ideas!