Clover Tattoos

About Clover Tattoos

Clovers have a long history in Irish tradition, and clover tattoos are a very popular choice among the Irish. Clover tattoos can come in different designs, and the Celtic knot is of course one of these designs.

The normal clover has 3 leaves, and it is this that holds part of it’s meaning. ┬áSome say the 3 leaves mean hope, faith and love. And there is also a myth that St. Patrick used the clover to teach about Christianity, using the 3 leaves to represent the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

Four Leaf Clovers

It is a well known fact that four leave clovers of course, represent good luck. It is because of it’s rarity that it is considered very “lucky” if you happen to find one. Getting a tattoo of a four leaf clover is no different, and is a symbol of good luck or good fortune, making it a very popular tattoo choice.