Why should you get a tattoo?

Why Getting a Tattoo is a Good idea?

i’m sure you’ve seen many different tattoo designs, styles and ideas.  These days tattoos can be removed by lasers, surgery and other methods, but apart from that, tattoos are just about permanent.  Most people have certain emotional reasons for their specific tattoo and most people can tell you a very specific story about their tattoo.

What still seems to be the most popular reason for a tattoo, is purely for aesthetics – people simply want to decorate their bodies  This art form is more popular than ever, but most eople get it simply because it looks good.

Another reason why people get tattoos is as a memorial. people often get tattoos in remembrance of friends and family who have passed away.  people also get tattoos in the memory of a celebrity or artist. Oftentimes these tattoos have a very specific theme to them and represent something of that specific person.

people also get tattoos to honor their children or relationships with loved ones.  Many have tattoos designed that specifically incorporates a child or spouse’s name.  It is also commonplace for these tattoos to  be accompanied by other tattoo designs., the name is normally the centerpiece with different tattoo designs around it.

Many people will get tattoos designed to commemorate special events experienced during their lifetimes.  Achievements, difficult times and other special events are often displayed as a lifetime reminder of an important time in one’s life.

Tattoos also represent spiritual status for many cultures.  They can also be a symbol for social ranking.  Some social groups are known for specific tattoos which would require a member to receive the same.  Others are known for having tattoos in general, regardless of their designs.

Expressing individuality and personality are often the most common reasons for getting a tattoo.  If a person likes butterflies, they might get a single tattoo or multiple tattoos flaunting butterflies.  If another enjoys a particular field in which they are employed, they might have tattoos representing what they do for a living.

There are other ways to look at expressing individuality through tattoos, however.  Many tattoos are designed to reflect heritage.  Ancient symbols that are associated with the history of many cultures are often displayed on those who are of a particular culture’s decent.  For example, someone of Irish decent may choose a tattoo depicting the Claddaugh design while another of Egyptian decent might prefer one similar to ancient ancestors.  On the other hand, many choose designs resembling certain cultures simply for aesthetics.

Regardless of where you want to have your tattoo applied on the body or where you have the procedure done, it’s important to comprehend why you really want the tattoo.  Tattoos are permanent.  Having a tattoo created for the right reasons, and reasons that are truly important to you will help increase the enjoyment of the design for years to come.